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"I did very well, much thanks to Sofia Art Academy! I have gotten scholarships up to $40,000, I was accepted to all the colleges I applied to, and am going in the fall to my dream school, Parsons the New School of Design in NYC under a fashion major!"
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Art Portfolio Program
Art portfolio Preparation for Art and Design Schools in Miami and all other states
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Preparing children for art schools
At Sofia Art Academy, preparing children for an art school is one of the top priorities of our mission. And we have many years of experience with proven record of successful acceptances to art schools for kids such as Miami Arts Charter School (MAC), art schools for teenagers such as Design Architecture Senior High (DASH) and others.
Preparing students for art colleges
By completing our Art Portfolio program, students not only gain acceptance into the most prestigious art and design colleges, but also receive numerous scholarships! Over the years Sofia Art Academy became well recognized within best art schools and colleges circles as provider of highly trained students in classical style with strong foundation in drawing, painting and composition.
We are truly become the ART PORTFOLIO SPECIALISTS!
Helpful information
Here is an article with some useful information about steps students should know before applying for college scholarships.
Also, some useful resources links from ArtSchools.com for ranking art schools and colleges.


  In The News  
Alia M. has been accepted to Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH)
Zoe L. has been accepted to Miami Arts Charter School (MAC)
Sarah S. has been accepted to Parsons The New School for Design (PARSONS)
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