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"In the ten years I have been in this country, I've never come across a school that fits my needs as perfectly as Sofia Art Academy does. I've found no other place where I feel so at ease and enjoy learning so much. The days on which I have class are the best days of my week —even when I am working on a project that is difficult or challenging!"

Marina Neira

How to draw and paint

-by Igor Khunteyev

I've been thinking for a while to put online some lessons and tips on how to draw and paint, in the form of some step by step quick sketches with short descriptions. I might find time to organize it and put these lessons into more structual program or a blog, but for right now there is no specific order or subject matter, randomly and right to the point. Let me know if anyone has any comments or suggestions by email at info@artacademymiami.com. So here we go.. Click on any image or link below it to choose your lesson:

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