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Welcome to Sofia Art Academy of Miami!

What do we need to know when looking for an art place that provides art classes for children and adults? What is the difference between one art studio from another? If you're serious about learning how to draw and paint it is essential to find an art educational organization where academically-trained masters are teaching rules-based programs! Also known as realistic or academic style art program is the foundation of fine arts education for creative people, especially for children who love to draw and paint, and dream to become a studio artist, a cartoonist, a game or fashion designer, or an architect.

Therefore, since 1993, Sofia Art Academy continues teaching art classes to kids and adults in Miami area. By following our four-level art program in drawing, painting and composition, students of Sofia Art Academy are studying a rule-based art system which was developed centuries ago in European art ateliers. Our small class sizes (we teach semi-private art classes) and the depth of the program create an environment where students grow artistically strong to become very skilled and well rounded artists.

kids art classes in miami
Children Art Classes
Kids art classes starting from 5 y.o.  
Children art portfolio preparation for art schools submission  
At Sofia Art Academy, children follow our four-level program's curriculum, under supervision of master-teachers, rather than being left to free experimentation. They accomplish a variety of artistic exercises designed to help them acquire and master certain fundamental skills such as precise drawing, correct values, perspectives, proportions and color balance.
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art portfolio preparation in miami
Art Portfolio Preparation
Art portfolio preparation for art and design colleges submission  
By completing our Art Portfolio program, students not only gain acceptance into the most prestigious art schools and design colleges, but also receive numerous scholarships! Over the years Sofia Art Academy became well recognized within best art schools and colleges circles as provider of highly trained students in classical style with strong foundation in drawing, painting and composition.
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adult art classes in miami
Adult Art Classes
Art classes for all  
Whether you are with talent evident, who have never draw or paint before, or a self-taught, who generally wants to paint but realizes that you need training to advance, you'll acquire all of the skills needed to become a fine artist in an easy to learn, step-by-step sequence, with our highly trained instructors guiding you every step of the way.
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